1. Winning in every field
  2. Attracting all the world
  3. Attainment of all knowledge
  4. Removal of all fears, Curing of diseases
  5. Mutual attraction between male and female
  6. Getting sons as progeny
  7. Seeing the Goddess in person, Winning over enemies
  8. Avoiding of birth and death
  9. For return of people who have gone on journey, For getting eight types of wealth
  10. Getting a strong body, virility
  11. Good progeny, Getting a meaning for life
  12. To attain Lord Shiva, To make a dumb man speak
  13. Victory in the matters of love
  14. Avoiding famine, dacoity and epidemic
  15. Ability to write poems and ability to become scholar
  16. Mastery of Vedas
  17. mastery over words, Knowledge of science
  18. Victory in love
  19. Victory in love
  20. Curing of all poisons and curing of all fevers
  21. Attracting every one, Making everyone happy
  22. Getting of all powers
  23. getting of all riches
  24. Management of fear of Bhoothas, Prethas and Pishachas
  25. Getting higher posts and power
  26. Destruction of enemies
  27. Realization of self and ultimate truth
  28. Fear of poison, Untimely death
  29. Avoiding of abortions, Taming bad people
  30. Entering to another body
  31. Attraction of everything
  32. long life, Attracting of everything
  33. All benefits
  34. Development of mutual liking
  35. Curing of Tuberculosis
  36. Curing of all diseases
  37. Removal of Bhootha , Pretha Pisacha and Brahma Rakshasa
  38. Curing of sickness during childhood
  39. To see in the dream what we think about
  40. Blessings from Lakshmi, realization of good dreams, Not seeing bad dreams
  41. Seeing of the Goddess in person, curing of sexual diseases
  42. attracting everything, Curing diseases caused by water
  43. Victory over al
  44. curing of all diseases
  45. Blessing of Goddess of wealth, Your word becoming a fact
  46. Getting blessed with a son
  47. Victory in all efforts
  48. Removal of problems created by nine planets
  49. Victory in everything, Locating of treasures
  50. Seeing afar, Curing of small pox
  51. Attracting all people
  52. Victory in love, Curing of diseases of ears and eye
  53. Attracting all the world, Seeing the Goddess in person
  54. Destruction of all sins., Curing of eye diseases
  55. power to protect, Curing of diseases of kidney
  56. To get freed from imprisonment, Curing of eye diseases
  57. All round luck
  58. Cure from all diseases, Victory in love
  59. attracting every one
  60. Giving power of speech to dumb, Making your predictions come true
  61. Victory over mind, Getting of wealth
  62. Good sleep
  63. Bewitching all
  64. Getting of all knowledge
  65. Victory, Control over words
  66. Sweet words, Mastery in music
  67. Appearance in person of the Goddess
  68. Attracting the king
  69. Mastery over music
  70. Compensation for mistakes done to God Shiva
  71. Getting of wealth
  72. Conquering fear of darkness, Getting grace from Goddess, Making slave of Yakshini
  73. Production of milk, Redemption
  74. Good fame
  75. Capacity to write poems
  76. Complete renunciation, Victory in love
  77. Gaining Micro sight, Attracting every one
  78. Attracting all the universe
  79. Getting magical capability, Bewitching all others
  80. Getting remarkable beauty, Becoming expert in magic
  81. Stopping fire
  82. Stopping flood, Getting powers like Indhra
  83. Stopping of the army
  84. Getting redemption, Entering into another body
  85. Removing fear of ghosts
  86. Removing fear of ghosts, Victory over enemies
  87. Attracting of serpents
  88. Making wild beasts obey
  89. Getting rid of all diseases
  90. Cutting of bad spells cast
  91. Getting of land, Getting riches
  92. Getting ability to rule
  93. Fulfillment of desires
  94. Getting all desires
  95. Getting of all desires
  96. Attainment of knowledge and wealth
  97. Redemption of the soul
  98. Mastery over words
  99. Attainment of ultimate bliss
  100. Attainment of all occult power